In 2011, the initial aspiration from the Tropic of Cancer at 23.5 degrees north.

I hope that Hotelday+ is not just a hotel but the “faraway home” for every traveler. Beyond hometowns and families, it is another place where people can momentarily forget their troubles. Standing amidst urban life, we explore every corner and the cultural essence of the local area, hoping to discover surprises and experience life together with travelers. After the journey, we are no longer just passing through but a traveler’s concern, the spiritual belonging across mountains and rivers, the destination. With an original intention guiding us forward, Hotel Day is like a long river, and we ride the boat together.
In 2014, in the summer, I had a dream. In the homeland of tea, nurturing a hotel themed around tea, To find a utopia for travelers To share a pot of mountainous joy together. Leaving is for the purpose of meeting again, Resting is for the purpose of starting agaun, Traveling is an addiction that cannot be take off. Leave behind the troubled heart, Cast away the noise of the city, Let’s embark on a journey starting from Hotelday+.

Founder of Hotelday+ Group

承億集團創辦人 戴俊郎

At the beginning, we decided to take a different path. What Hotel Day aims to offer travelers is a space for relaxation that can be experienced, read, and felt. This experience is unique, entering the hearts of each traveler. Just like drawing a good gourd cannot be forced, we strive to imbue each hotel with the emotions of the local scenery and deeply touch people’s hearts. Scenic depictions and emotions spread, so even though Hotel Day is a chain brand, we have never pursued 100% standardization of chain hotels. We firmly believe that each Hotel Day owned by every city has its own unique and emotional appearance to share with travelers.
We also strive to embody the concept that each hotel is like an art museum. We actively collaborate with artists to hold exhibitions within the hotel, maintain emotional connections with guests through postcards delivered a year later, and continuously explore the current vibrant art scene and tourist attractions in the city for travelers to gain new perspectives on their journey. Not just a transient stop, we hope to become the destination of the journey. Every city, every journey, the Hotel Day Group consistently interprets the richness of experiences in diverse ways. From the refreshing breeze in Tamsui, the bird’s days in Taichung, the tea appearance in Taoyuan, the mountain knowledge in Hualien, the peninsula elegance in Kenting, the daily moon in Sun Moon Lake, the light travel in Little Bear, to the Hotel Day in Kaohsiung, and many more travel dreams that will soon come true in the future. With the footsteps of dreamers, step by step, steadily moving forward.